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My Story: I'm a Western Australian Photographer & Painter. I'm also a Wildlife & Nature enthusiast! If I'm not out in nature photographing or painting, I'm usually researching different wildlife species I've seen and learning everything I can about them. Growing up in WA gave me a great opportunity to appreciate and spend so much time in the beautiful bush lands, ocean and forests surrounding me. 


My passion for photography started around the beginning of 2013, and when I got my first drone in 2018, this passion was taken to a whole new level. Photography has helped me observe, learn and understand  so much about various wildlife species. I spend a lot of time surrounded in nature to try capture and remember the tiny details. Like the personalities of wildlife, their behaviour, expressions, the mood of the environment, how the light sits and many other aspects to first capture, and then add into my art.


Art is a passion I've had since I was a child. My artwork comes together from my experiences. It’s how I tell the full story of my interpretation of a moment.  I use my photos as references for all my art.

It’s great to now be able to share with you what I see, experience and feel through my work.

All of my work is 100% real - not photoshopped, nor created with AI.


Thanks for visiting!

Ally xx

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If you've purchased any of my products whether it'd be a pair of my hand made earrings, a photography or art print, even an art original, I'd love to see how you've displayed them in their new home & even feature them here on my website! 


I'd also be so grateful if you could leave me some feedback below on any of the products you've purchased, this helps me improve my business & get a better understanding of what you like.

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