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Hi, I’m an aerial (drone operator) and land based Photographer and Videographer currently based in The Kimberley Region of Western Australia, but born in Perth. My passion for Aerial Photography has grown immensely since being here as the unique Kimberley landscape continues to inspire me. I'm a huge nature lover so the main focus for my work is wildlife, nature & landscapes.

Growing up in WA gave me a great opportunity to really appreciate and spend so much time in the bush, ocean and forests.


I got my first camera in 2013, but only started drone photography in 2018. I was instantly hooked. Drone's provided me with a whole new perspective and outlook I'd never seen before. Photography has also helped me watch and understand the behaviour of wildlife; especially marine life and birds, which is a great passion of mine. I could easily spend hours learning and observing different species in the wild.


I’m also an Artist. I’ve been painting and drawing since a young age but have only started to get back into it recently. I usually paint with acrylics but eventually want to move onto oils. My artwork comes together from my experiences. It’s how I tell the full story of my interpretation of a moment. I use my photos as references and spend a lot of time surrounded in nature to try capture and remember the tiny details. Like the personalities of wildlife, their expressions, the mood of the environment, how the light sits and many other aspects to then add into my paintings.

It’s great to now be able to share with you what I what I see, experience and feel through my work.


Thanks for visiting!

Ally xx

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