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Allysha is an aerial (drone operator) and land based Photographer and Videographer. She is currently based in The Kimberley Region of Western Australia but was born in Perth. Her passion for Aerial Photography has grown immensely since being here as the unique Kimberley landscape continues to inspire her. 


Besides photography and video, she also paints, and is focusing 2021 to learning more Digital Art as well.


"I’ve had a creative side since I can remember, when I was a kid I loved drawing and painting and just being out in nature, which a lot of my artwork is inspired by. I got my first camera in 2013, but started drone photography in 2018 and was instantly hooked. It provided a whole new perspective and outlook on places never seen before. It also helps me watch and understand the behaviour of wildlife; especially marine life, which is a great passion of mine."

See some of Allysha's marine life photography through her socials.

Allysha's photography has been published in papers such as: The Broome Advertiser, The West Australian, and purchased for multiple Magazines.

Her work has also been featured on Instagram Pages such as:


National Geographic Australia

Earth Official

Earth Focus

Discover Earth

Passion Passport

Visuals of Earth

ABC Australia

From Where I Drone, and many more.

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