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Gathering at Gumbanan

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  • Printed on fine art paper which provides maximum ink absorption and high image quality with a professional matte finish.
  • Framing available at extra cost.
  • Free Shipping Australia wide.

Artwork Story: This painting came together after a recent trip up to Gumbanan on the Dampier Peninsula. This time, after many many hours of waiting and watching I was so lucky to see the beautiful Gouldian Finch. They were splashing about in a waterhole along with Long-Tailed Finches and Double Barred Finches. Even though they didn’t all sit together on the branches at the same time while I was photographing them (shame), I decided to paint them like this to show the bond the different species shared.

Original Painting is 60cmx30cm and was completed in July 2022 with acrylic on canvas.

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