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It Takes Two

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Product Details
  • Printed on fine art cotton paper which provides maximum ink absorption and high image quality with a professional matte finish.
  • Framing available at extra cost.
  • Free Shipping Australia wide.
  • Size of original is 40.5x40.5cm, and was completed in January 2024
  • Artwork Story: The inspiration for this piece came from a recent trip to one of my favourite woodlands. I'd been there for a few days and was really hoping to get a photo of the beautiful Purple-Crowned Lorikeets but hadn't had any luck. On my last morning there, just as I was about to leave and head home, I came across this pair going back and forth from their nesting hollow. They were both keeping an eye out for each other, while bringing back food for their young. I was so happy and couldn't believe my luck! Not only did I get photos of them, but in a hollow too!! I've since learnt more about their nesting behaviour. They are monogamous and both mum and dad care for, and raise the chicks together, which is where the name of this piece came from. I wanted this painting to show the beauty and vibrant colours of these birds, and also wanted it to reflect the teamwork between the pair.

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