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Midday Martuwarra

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Product Details
  • Printed on fine art paper which provides maximum ink absorption and high image quality with a professional matte finish.
  • Framing available at extra cost.
  • Free Shipping Australia wide.

Artwork Story: In July, I visited the Fitzroy River (Martuwarra) for the first time. It was lunch time, and first thing I noticed was how much life surrounded it. There were Rainbow Bee Eaters diving through the air catching bugs hovering over the water’s surface. There were the beautiful Red-Tailed Cockatoos flying over head. The Freshwater Crocs were sun baking and many other birds were chattering away in the trees by the rivers edge which were covered in incredible insects. It’s easy to see how special this place is. I really hope I captured the essence of life and the importance of this river system in my painting.

Original Painting is 90x60cm and was completed in July 2022 with acrylic on canvas.

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