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Necklace Collection | Polymer Clay Pendants

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  • Pendants are carefully created over many hours. They are completely free-hand sculpted from Polymer Clay (no rollers or cutters used), then delicately painted and sealed with a protective vanish. Producing a unique one, different to the next.
  • Necklace rope is handcrafted with 1mm waxed-macrame cord.
  • There is only 1x of each design shown available, but you can submit a commission via my commissions page (here) if the design you like is sold out.
  • Each necklace also contains specific gem stones. Your necklace will come with a card explaining the meaning behind each type of gem stone chosen for that necklace.
  • Colours may differ in real life compared to colours on laptop / phone screens.
  • Polymer Clay is a light material so although some pendants big in size, they aren't heavy.
  • All Necklaces adjust in size by a pull-string.


Design Name Size
(at full length / not including pendant)
Gem Stones Included

1 Frangipani 30cm Moonstone
2 Manta Ray 39cm Fluorite Crystals
3 Gum Nut (Dark Cord) 38cm Green Jade, Rose Quartz & Fluorite Crystals


  • To keep your pendant in it's best condition, store it away from other jewerly, sharp objects, water, chemicals, perfume and make up.
  • To clean, lightly wipe with a soft damp cloth.
  • Avoid sunlight and heat.


  • Worldwide shipping available.
  • Broome customers I can hand deliver - just select this option at checkout!
  • No Returns or refunds.
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